Elizabeth Isadora Gold

“Elizabeth Isadora Gold writes vividly and humorously about the trials and trip-outs of new-motherhood.” —The New Yorker

Breastfeeding laments and milk stouts

I'm just going to say it.  I absolutely love my mommy posse.  I lucked out and landed in a group of spot-on, down-to-earth, feeling, insightful gals.  I joined the group when my daughter turned 3 months, desperately seeking some daytime social interactivity and advice on breastfeeding (I was having trouble).  In the 18 months since, we ladies have seen each other through countless parenting trials, personal struggles and one absolutely excessive night of drunken karaoke-ing in Bay Ridge.   I feel grateful that through the group I have been able to provide my daughter with her first baby posse and am happy to have added a few more fantastic women to my very select list of favorite people on the planet.