Elizabeth Isadora Gold

“Elizabeth Isadora Gold writes vividly and humorously about the trials and trip-outs of new-motherhood.” —The New Yorker


Elizabeth Isadora Gold is a tutor, mentor, and "organizational guide" for students of all ages.  As a working writer, her focus is on literature, English, and writing, with a specialty in helping learning challenged people.  Her clients tend to struggle with issues including nonverbal LDs, executive functioning, ADHD, and Asperger's.  She also loves to help ambitious, talented aspiring young writers -- and adults. 

She has taught Writing and Composition at the Juilliard School, Marymount Manhattan College, Rutgers University New Brunswick, for Teachers & Writers Collaborative, at the Gateway School in Manhattan.

Her clients have attended many New York City private and public schools including Allen-Stevenson, Bard High School Early College, Beacon, Beekman, Browning, Collegiate, Fieldston, Horace Mann, ICE, Little Red Elisabeth Irwin, Marymount, Riverdale, Spence, Stephen Gaynor, Stuyvesant, Trinity, York Prep, and PS 321.

She also helps students and parents through the exceptionally stressful college application process (including verbal SAT prep and subject tests).  All of her college-bound kids have been accepted into their first choice schools!

She is happy to collaborate with parents -- as well as teachers, administrators, and therapists -- to formulate the optimal plan for each student.








Elizabeth has tutored both my boys twice weekly for the past nine years. My older son has ADD and my younger son has language processing issues. Elizabeth helped them with organizational skills, time management and most specifically writing skills. She also helped them write their college essays and they both got into their first choice colleges.

My older son was tutored from 9th through 12th grade in all forms of writing including homework and assignments. Elizabeth was very professional and personable and got along very well with both my children. She was always prompt, helpful, tenacious and flexible with scheduling. She encouraged them individually to achieve more without being overbearing.

We always enjoyed her sense of humor and good spirits.

-- Sharon S., Manhattan

Elizabeth Gold is an outstanding tutor.  She has worked with many of my patients that are experiencing mental health issues such as attention and focus issues, test anxiety, and depression.  She is creative, kind, sensitive, and attentive.  She was the key person in getting several of my patients through very tough years.  These students are now successfully graduating and on their way to college! She approaches her students without judgment and criticism yet is highly motivating and creates manageable expectations.   She is my number one choice when it comes to recommending tutors to my patients and their families.  I happy to say that all of my experiences with her have yielded very positive academic results.

-- Dr. Kari Groff, Brooklyn